Private IMC Hospital is the oldest and well-established private hospital in Mersin, which has been serving since 1992. Since it was founded by 20 specialist physicians to close the service gap of public hospitals, it has always been the leading institution that brought scientific innovations to Mersin. IMC Hospital is like a family with its doctors, nurses, technicians and assistant health personnel. In order to provide a quality health service, all units must work in harmony like an orchestra. Private IMC hospital has achieved this harmony in the health sector with its strong staff in all units.
We continue to offer our patients by combining the requirements of modern medicine with years of experience. The quality service we provide in every field increases the number of patients and demand; increasing demand also increases our responsibility to our patients.

We serve as a large general hospital with 15 observation beds, 4 operating rooms, 20 adult intensive care units, and 4 neonatal intensive care incubators, 75 beds, with a staff of specialist physicians, nurses and assistant health personnel, in an area of 10,000 square meters. The pride of the point we have reached leads us to work harder and raises the bar for our future goals. We continue on our way without forgetting that our priority is the trust our patients have in us.
Private IMC Hospital, which has been serving you for nearly 30 years without compromising scientific and medical ethical rules, continues to serve by renewing itself day by day. We are waiting for you at our hospital 24 hours a day to solve your health problems.


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